The Bridgerton effect: 10 homes fit for a Duke or Duchess - Zoopla

These stunning Regency-era homes are sure even to get the much-feared Lady Whistledown’s approval. Netflix sensation Bridgerton has whetted our appetites for the sort of homes that have parlours, morning rooms and beautiful pale stone exteriors. This period drama with a twist, set in Regency-era England and based on Julia Quinn’s novels, features fabulous frocks, scintillating storylines and showcases some of the most impressive examples of Georgian architecture around. “With the country bein

Animals and mental health - the story behind Benedict Cumberbatch's new film

Long before cat memes and kitten videos, if you wanted a feline fix you’d turn to Louis Wain. Even if you haven’t heard of Wain, you’ll recognise the comic expressions and wry whiskers of his anthropomorphic cat paintings, an exhibition of which is set to open at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind on Friday 3 December. A century ago, Wain’s paintings were everywhere, in books, annuals and magazines. He was viewed as a rather eccentric national treasure and wrote widely on his cat theories, includ

Why we should all love the vulture

Have a bone to pick with the scraggy vulture? Just remember they’re vital as nature’s waste disposers – which is why their decline is very bad news… Vultures, with their big, ungainly wings, beaky faces and fondness for scavenging on dead meat, have a terrible reputation. They are seen as harbingers of death, circling dying animals, ready to pick at decaying flesh. But they don’t deserve a bad press. They offer a vital service by feasting on carrion, protecting us from diseases spread by rotten

The Dig: 10 homes for sale by ancient treasures - Zoopla

Netflix's movie about the Sutton Hoo dig has led to a surge in interest for ancient treasures. Discover more homes near sites of historical importance. New Netflix movie, The Dig, tells the story of the 1939 excavation of an Anglo Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo, and the remarkable treasures uncovered by amateur archaeologist Basil Brown. The artefacts retrieved from the buried ship are now in the British Museum, having been donated by Edith Pretty, herself an amateur archaeologist, who bought

Can you trust children to teach themselves? Homeschooling tips from a clinical psychologist

Can you trust children to teach themselves? Homeschooling tips from a clinical psychologist The pandemic has given adults an unprecedented opportunity to understand how our children interact and learn at school, and how to adapt our approach when educating them at home Many people, including me, are feeling the intensity and frustrations of homeschooling our children during the pandemic. But trying to reproduce school at home is often a fast track to failure, according to Dr Naomi Fisher, a cli

Homes with secrets: properties with quirky design features you’d never guess were inside - Zoopla

From bathroom offices to electric blue skirting boards and kitchens made from an old ship, discover the homes with surprising design features inside. You can usually tell a lot about a property before stepping inside. But sometimes homes contain secrets you couldn’t possibly have guessed when looking at them from the kerb. From floors made from tombstones, bathtubs in cupboards, and quirky layouts, here are some of the homes currently for sale with design secrets you’d never guess were inside:

I overcame my terror of cycling and learnt to ride confidently in London

I overcame my terror of cycling and learnt to ride confidently in London With cycling levels up 70% compared to early March, it seems I’m not the only one keen to start using two-wheels for a taste of freedom Lockdown continues to ease. But with warnings still in place not to take public transport unless we have to, many of us have been looking for alternative ways to travel. As a result, I recently retrieved the ancient bike donated to me by a friend years ago – which has lain unused ever sinc

School uniform costs are rising so parents are turning to second-hand

School uniform costs are on the rise and pupils’ parents are forced to turn to second-hand clothes Estimates from the Children’s Society last year put the total cost of school clothing at £256 per primary pupil child and £338 for secondary What is the purpose of school uniform? Depending on who you ask, it is descended from elite private schools or a means of levelling the social divisions in the school population. Either way, the cost can still be too much for cash-strapped families. Parents
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